7 Hair Care Mistakes You Should Avoid Immediately

7 Hair Care Mistakes You Should Avoid Immediately

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Ever wondered why your hair is still frizzy despite spending hours and hours on taking care of your hair? Ever wondered why you are not able to find a solution for your hair loss problem? We know that you love your hair and you are taking care of it. But has it ever occurred to you that you are doing it the wrong way this whole time? We all make mistakes, sometimes over and over again without realizing that they're mistakes in the first place. Yes, today, here, we are going to tell you where your hair care regime could be going wrong!   

1. Rubbing hair with a towel to dry.

We think that it is important to release excess moisture from your hair immediately after the wash and what do we do then? We hop out of the shower and immediately twist our hair and then rub dry with a towel. Because using a bath towel is considered the standard way to dry off the hair after washing. but, it’s basically the fastest route to breakage and frizz, if done incorrectly. Instead, use your hands to gently squeeze out the extra water in large sections, then do the same with a towel, blotting and squeezing the hair rather than rubbing or wringing.

2. Blow-drying hair with the wrong temperature.

Our hair is very sensitive to anything extreme. Be it heat or cold. And talk about a blow-dryer that's too hot. In an effort to dry your hair faster, you could be totally frying your strands without even knowing it, plus triggering frizz and split ends. Patience is a virtue here. Begin blow-drying your hair on the lowest heat setting possible. You may not need anything hotter than that, so don't jump straight to the extremes.

3. Brushing hair with the wrong temperature.

Like we mentioned earlier, your hair is too sensitive to anything extreme. And anything you do while it's too moist could also be problematic. Your hair is at its most fragile when wet, which is why brushing or combing just after the shower is a biiiiiig no. At this stage, it is very easy for even healthy hair to snap from tension. To avoid breakage, use your fingers to detangle and part your hair after towel-drying. 

4. Using a hair tie when it is still wet. 

Hair is at its most fragile when it’s wet. Braid it, curl it, flip it around, pull it back into a ponytail or bun, whatever, as it’s drying, it is a huge cause of breakage. Using hair ties will also result in a strange texture once hair has dried. Sleeping on wet hair will lead to an unspeakable disaster in the history of haircare. Try using a styling cream and twisting hair in sections as it dries so that you don’t put stress on your strands.

5. Not being gentle enough.

Though healthy hair can feel like it’s practically indestructible, being rough with your strands can be exactly what’s causing breakage. If you are twirling your hair too much, that twisting and tugging motion puts stress on the roots of the hair, ripping them out from the scalp. Please, be gentle with your hair. Respect its feelings :)

6. Not drying hair completely.

We have to mention it again. Your hair is sensitive guys! If your hair seems to get frizzy after blow-drying, then it’s very likely that you aren’t drying your hair fully. If your hair looks dry but feels cold to the touch, it’s a warning that there’s still moisture left in your hair, so be sure that every section has been dried to room temperature post-blow-dry. It’s the only way to protect yourself from unsightly frizz.

7. Styling hair too tightly. 

Hate your hair falling lose every time so you braid it really tight? Congratulations on your hair breakage! Putting tension on the scalp is a great way to cause breakage, especially when it comes to tight braids, ponytails, and hair accessories. Stress at the hairline results in hairs being pulled out at the root, and wearing the same hairstyle consistently results in repetitive stress on the same areas thus causing hair damage. Let your hair down and give it all a rest once in a while.

That is all to start with. Avoid the above-mentioned mistakes immediately to save your hair from further hair loss and hair damage. Meanwhile, shop our Biotin Hair Serum - Advanced formula that helps promote healthy hair growth while you focus more on avoiding further hair damage.