8 Untold Secrets to Transform Your Skin

Being beautiful in your own skin is your right! Be it fair or dark, sweet 16s or tempting 30s, embracing your skin is the ultimate source of the beauty in you. This is not possible if you don't care about your skin. Just like you are growing up, your skin is growing up too. And it is going to need some special care to deal with those skin issues. Allow us to tell you 9 simple secrets to transform your skin.
1. Stay hydrated.
 Water is one of the most essential items that our body needs. And drinking enough water keeps you away from several health issues. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking enough water to ensure good skin. Add lemon or lime juice to your water for an extra boost. Use lukewarm water to avoid skin dryness. Use a moisturizing body wash for a protective moisture barrier for your skin.
 2. Always double cleanse.
 Double cleansing is one of the deepest secrets that only a few know, and it’s completely worth it. We cannot assure you that cleansing your skin twice will kill 99.9% bacteria on your body. But you’ll ensure most of the dirt, bacteria, oil, and pollution that’s built up on your skin during the day has been removed, leaving you with a thoroughly clean base for you to layer your nighttime skincare routine onto.
3. Test well before use
It's always important to do a patch test to know if it is going to work out for you. So before you start using a new product, you should always do a patch test to avoid the risk of irritation or an allergic reaction. Just apply a small amount of product to your inner arm to see how your skin reacts to the formula.

4. Don’t apply too much product
 Too much of anything is always harmful. Be it to your skin or your hair or your entire body. When it comes to skincare, it is a definite 'no'. So if you apply too much moisturizer, the product will potentially block your pores. Plus, it’s a total waste of product. That hurts.
5. Wear sunscreen every single day of the year.
 It’s the importance of using sunscreen daily to help protect your skin from sun damage. 90% of how your skin ages are within your control and are directly linked to sun exposure. UVA rays are ‘slow agers’ which can harm your skin throughout the year. Sunscreen will protect you from any kind of harmful rays. Just apply sunscreen every day, and your skin will thank you for it.
6. Vitamin C is the ultimate key
 Vitamin C is one of the strongest antioxidants you can find in your home. It helps protect your skin from environmental stressors that can accelerate aging. It also helps promote and encourage elastin and collagen syntheses, so combined with its ability to fight dull skin, it’s completely transformative.
7. Coldwater wash -  Anti Aging Expert
 This the most important beauty tip for a woman in her 30s. Coldwater prevents skin aging. Every morning, splash cold water on your face 2-3 times. This will make your skin energetic, fresh and fine. Do this whenever possible.
8. Eat and drink with your skin in mind.
Balance your diet. Look what your eating and drinking. Consume more greens and less sugar and caffeine. Sugar increases the effects of aging and can also worsen the skin condition. Sugar activates inflammations and binds to the collagen that can make your skin rough.
Remember, to get that glow, you need to be supplying your body with beauty-boosting vitamins and minerals, and the right nutrients to strengthen your gut. Check out our Age-Defying Complex to fight dark circles, pigmentation, etc.

It's that time of your life when you need to take care of your skin, so follow these simple secrets to avoid any skin problem ahead. 
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