2020 Self Care New Year’s Resolutions! Simple but Effective!

2020 Self Care New Year’s Resolutions! Simple but Effective!

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Are you ready for 2020?

Today being New Year's Eve, let's promise to make 2020 the best year. Just like every year, 2020 New Year's resolutions are a must. You probably have your New Year’s resolutions figured out. Maybe you’re going to try to be healthier, or you’re going to get better at your finances.

Those resolutions are great, but have you given any thought to what your Self-care resolutions should be for 2020? No? Well, we can help you in this regard.

In the interest of starting anew—but really—this year let's set some achievable, perhaps simple, goals.

Here are our resolutions for 2020, and here’s to keeping them.

1. Start using SPF:

This might look like a not so important resolution but trust us, using SPF is a must to protect your skin even during winters. Check out our Blog, where we explained why it is essential. Wear SPF every day for all 365 days of the year, not just those crazy end-of-the-world, blazing hot days in the summer. A combination of laziness and not waking up early enough might be stopping you from letting this habit slide and stopped you from achieving your full skin potential thus far. Though the UV rays won't burn or directly harm your skin, they act as a catalyst to enhance your aging process. So choose a moisturizer with SPF 30 and use it every day, every season.

2. Drink more water:

It’s unarguably essential to stay hydrated, but we all have those days when we went straight from coffee to cocktails without any water in between. The benefits of drinking a lot of water are seemingly endless, but one that is almost immediately noticeable is that it plumps up your skin. Drink more water this year, and you will witness the glow in your skin. Keep your skin looking fresh and dewy no matter what by drinking more water to avoid dull skin, wrinkles etc. You can also check out this Age Defying complex and Skin Lightening Serum that can also help your skin glow.

3. Spend time on your hair every day:

Haircare is a thing that usually falls off of our self-care routine. You dye, curl and blow-dry your hair without thinking about the long-term consequence on your hair's health. And during winters, your love towards your bed affects your morning routine and you haircare slides off. This year, commit to taking better care of your hair, whether that means applying for heat protection before hair styling, using a hair mask, putting hair moisturizer in your hair daily. And if you are suffering from thin hair, don't forget to start using Pureauty Naturals' Biotin Hair Serum that helps healthy hair growth and moisturizes softens and soothes your hair.

4. Go Natural:

All that glitters is not gold. Old saying. But it is true. Products that you use on your body might be working wonders, but not all the chemicals used in those products are suitable for your skin. You may not see the adverse effects immediately, but in the long run, you will. So, go for products that use nature's best ingredients and harmless but useful chemicals which are suitable for your hair and skin. Say a big NO to parabens and sulphates in your daily skin and hair care products.

Start working on these basic yet necessary resolutions and let us know at the end of 2020, how good your year has been.