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Remove scars and get clearer and more natural skin with Pureauty Naturals Scar Removal Gel. It is very impressive and exhibits result oriented performance for regaining the natural skin-tone after laser treatment, tattoo removal and dermabrasion. One of the favorite choices of healthcare professionals, it also helps in preventing the formation of scars on freshly healed wounds. This Gel softens the scar tissue and makes them smooth while reducing the redness. It revives the skin tone and improves appearance by lightening the impact of scars and stimulating the vitality of the skin.

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So far so good
Written by: Jeffrey Beebe

We've been using it inconsistently for about a month; sometimes daily and sometimes every other day. But, it has already made a difference in his scar. It use to be bright red and now the color is diminishing along with the scar. Not a great comparison pic but I'll post an update another time

SIGNIFICANT reduction in texture and color of scar!
Written by: Lina

I have had a big scar right in the middle of my chest for about a year, which is about the same about of time I’ve been so self conscious of it. This was the first scar treatment I tried and I think I’ve struck gold! I forgot to take a before picture and now I’m kicking myself for it now because the change is so significant. My scar is still visible but instead of bright purple and raised it is the same height as my skin and probably 5 shades lighter. Not only lighter but closer to skin color.. less red. The gel goes on easy and absorbs well into the skin. It’s been about 4 weeks and I can wait to see what it looks like in another 4 weeks. I will update pics in another month or so.

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