How to Get Rid of Acne Scars Naturally

How to Get Rid of Acne Scars Naturally

It can be wonderful when, after dealing with acne for a significant part of your life, you are blessed with clear skin. However, it is not so good when the acne mars that clear skin with scars as a souvenir. The skin on your face (where acne scars are most visible) is sensitive, so it is also essential to treat it gently, and not put harsh chemicals on it. To help you fade the scars caused by your pimples, take a look at what we've put together to make them go away naturally and without harming your skin.

Our first skin repair treatment is mixing equal parts of aloe vera and cocoa or shea butter. Apply this to the face and leave it overnight.

Next, mash up an overripe banana (Vitamin A in bananas is good at keeping skin plump and can reduce the appearance of scarring). Apply the mixture to your face. When exposed to air, the banana paste will harden, making it easier to wash off in the morning.

The underrated step toward taking care of the scars caused by your pimples is to prevent new ones from forming. Pimples/Blisters cause acne scars, so if you don't get any new breakouts, you won't be susceptible to scarring.

Your pimples are caused by debris and bacteria getting lodged in and inflaming your pores. Drinking lots of water helps your skin to flush out impurities naturally. Keeping your face clean and away from contaminants is also a good idea. Having a sensible diet is also recommended for skin health. An overabundance of sugary treats can cause your blood sugar levels to go dramatically high and cause inflammation over the whole body, resulting in your pores squeezing tighter on debris and getting infected.

How to avoid acne

The best process for acne scar treatment is to prevent new pimples from popping up, but what if you have them already? Natural butter that you can buy, such as shea or cocoa is very good at helping skin to retain its elasticity and plumps up the surrounding tissue, making the scar tissue much less noticeable. If, however, your scarring is not that old and still has some healing to do, a topical healing gel like aloe vera is good. It naturally speeds up the healing process. If you are still struggling with your acne, you are not yet in the market for acne scar treatment. For facial pimples, a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice will dry out the surrounding area and make afflicted areas shrink down to a fraction of their size. This is a natural, completely safe way to get rid of pimples, one that is far less likely than other, more popular methods to cause scarring on your face.

Living your life with a face full of pimples, then dealing with a lot of scarring, is never fun. However, now we hope you will be well equipped to deal with them in a healthy, natural way.