5 Things You Should Never Do To Your Skin!

5 Things You Should Never Do To Your Skin!

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body and it makes up 15% of your body weight?

Mmm...Let's phrase it in a simpler way.

Your skin covers almost 80% of your selfie! And what happens if you don't look after it?

Though it is not going to self destruct itself suddenly when you don't wash your face one night, but you will see the effects eventually. You owe it to yourself to give your skin a little extra care because you're going to live in your skin for a very loooong time. So today, we are here to reveal the 5 biggest mistakes you might be doing to your skin that you should avoid at any cost.


1. Over Exfoliating

Exfoliating aka getting rid of dead cells is a good way to achieve an amazing skin! But too much of anything is dangerous. You must be careful not to overdo it or your skin gets quickly exposed to all the environmental toxins and sun damage and end up with irritated and red skin. To make sure you don’t over-exfoliate, avoid applying too much pressure on your skin.


2. Say No to “Make it pop”

"Pimples". This is the one word that most of the women are afraid of. Imagine having a wedding to attend today and you wake up with a crystal clear pimple on your face! What are you gonna do to it? Popping it can seem like a good idea. But it is the first link in the chain of disaster. Popping your pimple will create a disruption in the skin leading to the increase of infection, worsening inflammation and even scarring. So, when the urge to pop your pimple increases, tie your hands and wait.


3. Not protecting your skin

Flaunt your no-makeup face with grace. But it is your skin's need to use sunscreen before facing the sun. Studies say that the sun is responsible for 90% of how your skin ages along with genetics and other skincare mistakes. And UVB rays emitted are constant throughout the year. Though they won't burn your skin, they definitely act as a catalyst to enhance your ageing process. So choose a moisturizer with SPF 30 and use it every day, every season.


4. Forgetting about neck and eyes

We are sometimes so obsessed with our faces that we forget treating our eyes and neck at the same time. Even the skin under your eyes and wrinkles around the neck and crow feet can be a serious giveaway of your age, so they need extra care along with your face. Don't forget to double cleanse the skin under your eyes and neck during your cleansing and de-tanning sessions.


5. Long hot baths, Washing face too much

Too much of anything is too dangerous. Hot water isn't good for your skin. Though long steam showers are very relaxing, they dry your skin out and can cause rashes and itching on your skin. The same goes for washing your face. Try not to scrub or rub your skin so much to remove your makeup before going to bed.

Of course, there are other basic skin mistakes such as, 

  1. Not getting enough sleep

  2. Not drinking enough water

  3. Sleeping with makeup on 

Make sure you don't forget about these. So now that you know what and what not to do to have gorgeous skin, you'll be ready for the "no-makeup look" that many girls have been dreaming about.